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How to Recycle an old Pullover and have Usable Yarn

And now the promised tutorial about unraveling a sweater. First you have to choose which pullover to use, I would suggest a mixture between wool and acrylic,because it is my favorite yarn, the wool gives warmth and the acrylic makes it soft. But what you need to know is, that the pullover needs to look like this :
It needs to have 2 ends and be sewed in the middle, not like this
In the second example the yarn has been cut and sewed together, like fabric would, so the yarn is cut at the end of every row, you don't need this!
 What you need to do is take fine scissors and cut the yarn between the two ends and pull a bit to form a small whole, it is good to start at the sleeves or neck, if the pullover is like mine, the treat will be fastened like slip stitch in crochet, so pulling the treat will unravel it, you have to see which way it goes too. If this is too complicated, maybe you are better off clipping the treat very carefully, try not to damage the yarn on the sides. 

 When you are ready with the treat and have removed the sleeves, you need to look at the top of the sleeve/or neck/ and find the end it must look like this, like crochet chains, cut and pull to unravel, if you can't find it, you can cut the treat between the yarn, hopefully it will be different /a bit/ and unravel then. To be honest you will need to try it a few times before it works out easy:)
 When this is done before starting the unraveling clean the ends from the parts of treat, it can other ways form knots later and slow you down, when it looks like this :
 It is not a clean task, there will be small pieces of yarn flying around, clean well the edges and hope for the best:)
 And finally , off you go , the fun starts here:)
 Take a hard piece of paper and roll the yarn around it.
 And one sleeve is ready!!
It takes time, but it is worth it, you get to use so much yarn, which would have ended up in the trash :)
If you are still not sure why it is a good idea, check out my post, which answers this question here

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