понеделник, 10 септември 2012 г.

The neck warmers are IN

Neck warmers or tube scarves or loops/ I have no idea what the real name is/ have been out there for a few years now, but this year the creativity can't be shopped. They are easy to make and very comfortable, if you don't feel well wrapped tightly with your scarf, they are the perfect choice for you. I am haunted by the memory of winter days when my mum would tighten my scarf so much I would hardly move my head :) So I made myself a few different designs of neck warmers for the cold days ahead.
This is my pixel heart neck warmer/collar/loop

And for the boys a space invader design!

And one soft and warm yellow neck warmer / collar/ loop with black buttons:)
You can find all my little treasures at my shop at http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Sheepdreamz or write me here :)

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