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Why to Recycle an Old Pullover and use the Yarn

Why would you recycle your old pullovers instead of just getting rid of them? If you are a crochet or knitter you must know how expensive yarn is and a pullover is around 400-500 gram of perfectly fine yarn, sometimes even better than the one you can find in the shop!
100% cashmere, not bad at all:)
 Second reason is that it is environmentally friendly, because buying new seems reasonable to us, but we can hardly imagine the amount of carbon footprint our goods leave before they can make it to our wardrobes.
 When I first unraveled a sweater, it was not because of the two reasons above, it was because I had no yarn shop in my area, or at least none I knew of. I lived in Montenegro shortly after I learned how to crochet and was very keen on practicing my new skill:) Left with no other option I decided to unravel a sweater, I went to the secondhand shop/"the" because it was one and bankrupted shortly after :)/ and got a big pullover for 2 euro.
 I got the idea from my childhood memories, my granny would unravel a pullover of hers /not fitting anymore/ and make 2 small ones for the grandchildren. Being the lovely person she was, my granny has greatly influenced me. She had lived all her life in a socialistic regime, which means that she as a consumer was greatly restricted in the choices she could make, there was furniture for everyone, but it was all the same, coming from the same factory :) so were the shoes and clothes, so it is natural that handmade things were very highly appreciated for their uniqueness and my granny was the one to make them in my family. She was very patient, she would sit with her friends and have fun while unraveling or spinning yarn. Work was natural part of her day, why have your hands empty when you can be making something :)
And this is why you should recycle your pullovers- cheap, environmental friendly and fun activity that leaves you with lots of yarn is worth trying.
Tomorrow I will publish a tutorial discussing how to do it :)

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